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Planning a Holiday to Overland Park

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People from different regions around the world claim that Overland Park has firmly established and flourished itself as one of the top tourist-infested destinations. Catering to a broad spectrum of expectations, Overland Park is blessed with cornucopia of sights-of-interest and fun things-to-do that may leave you awestruck. Enumerating each and every extraordinaire of the city could be like biting a bullet, but believe us, there are multifarious of things and activities imparting humongous amount of beauty, charm, thrill, fun, and excitement. Apart from jaw-dropping points-of-interest and fun-filled to-do things, Overland Park remains engaged into the celebration of festivals and events galore all-year round. Every season here brings abundant of fun things to do with it giving you multitudes of reasons to soak up celebration. The below-shared article is an attempt to make you aware of what different seasons here have brought for you.

Image by Stephen Edmonds via https://www.flickr.com/photos/popcorncx/24753667732/in/photolist-DHp21G-AhBxm9-8wGUkK-bvN2KX-9L15pE-9bXEyo-9P25Fo-9cavTd-pdPPe2-9bUmEF-9cwYna-9P2Gbd-Dkk6AR-9NYeyv-9P2Hkq-9NYSuz-aDUVMA-4HTuKX-9P24mS-7yRGsQ-9P25JG-9L15vj-DrHiDQ-9cwYTH-9NYSeK-aC4DnF-9NYeTD-9NYfsx-9NYRFe-GY6wDf-6HBtdi-9NYf3i-6HFwTd-G6Gnpg-9cA3PL-9KXgqR-9NYerP-9P261w-7A6sQJ-9cA4YW-9cA4c9-59N1iR-faBsum-6w7FE5-9P267s-9P26a3-9c7v3p-6x5HZ2-8ziC16-9P25hW

Spring Holidays in Overland Park

March is the month that fills your heart with sweetness, love, and joy as it brings snow with it. The entire city remains garbed in the soft and alabaster shroud of snow. It is considered a beautiful time to immerse into nothing but the joy of weather. April brings fresh breeze with it. Surpassing every fragrance and aroma, a wave of breeze wafts through every corner of the city. You would love to wake up to it without missing your daily coffee or tea aroma. During the last week of April, the rain fills you up with its silver drops giving you the feeling of immense happiness. It reminds you that the season of love has not passed yet. Hold the hand of your sweetheart and taste those tiny shiny drops of rain. In order to get rid of dry or muggy air, you can plan your visit after the second week of April. It is believed to be the most agreeable time to enjoy to the fullest. Though there are slim chances of thunderstorm appearance during the last week of May, but yes, you must be wary of it and if possible, avoid planning your jaunt during this time of year.

Overland Park Average Spring Temperatures

Overland Park average high spring temperatures remain in high-80s and average low spring temperatures remain in low-20s

Clothes to pack

Half- and full-sleeve t-shirts, and tops
Thin layers, scarves, caps, gloves
Mufflers, overcoat, boots
Shoes and socks
Umbrella, raincoat
Jeans, pants, skirts, warm lowers

Overland Park Spring Festivals

American Legion Craft Show

Summer Holidays in Overland Park

You won’t be receiving any rain during this time, but believe us, the sun-dappled city would by no means look less  than the eye-popping glow coming out of a glittery box of treasure. Draw your curtains, get immersed into the splendor of sunlight and get yourself filled with a humongous amount of refreshment. You might get hindered by the invasion of thunderstorm during the last week of June. Hence, it would be wise to put off your plans during this particular time. You can accomplish your plans during the first week of June when the air remains neither muggy nor dry. Humidity remains at its high during the first week of July. Sun becomes really harsh during the last week of July. Hence, don’t dare to step out as you can also enjoy by remaining indoor munching your favorite snacks, sipping chilled mojito and catching your favorite tele-series.

Overland Park Average Summer Temperatures

Overland Park average high summer temperatures remain in high-90s and average low summer temperatures remain in low-50s

Clothes to pack

Half-sleeve t-shirts, and tops
Pants, shorts, skirts, Bermudas
Floaters, sandals, bellies
Umbrella, sunshades, sunscreen
Scarves, caps

Overland Park Summer Festivals

Westport Beer Festival
2016 KC Nanobrew Festival
Just For Her Event

Fall Holidays in Overland Park

Fall also brings abundant of things to take joy of with it. The weather remains really soft on you from the first week of September till the second week of October. There are no hurdles like dry or muggy air. November is believed to be quite relieving. You don’t need to hide yourself from the scorching sun as the cloud formation begins with the second week of November. No sweat, no thirst. There are also bright chances of the occurrence of snowfall. When it snows here, you don’t need to go extra miles and do brainstorming so as to plan something unforgettable for your loved-ones. The weather plays its role and makes the day special for you and for someone who is special for you. The love remains in air. All you need to do is just sit by your partner.

Overland Park Average Fall Temperatures

Overland Park average high fall temperatures remain in high-80s and average low fall temperatures remain in high-20s

Clothes to pack

Half- and full-sleeve t-shirts, and tops
Thin layers, scarves, caps, gloves
Mufflers, overcoat, boots
Shoes and socks
Umbrella, raincoat
Jeans, pants, skirts, warm lowers

Overland Park Fall Festivals

Arts and Crafts Fair
Classic Car Show
Village West Wine Fest
YWAM Together 2016

Winter Holidays in Overland Park

If you haven’t had enough of snow fall, then you must visit the city during the third week of January. The probability of snow falling remains at its high during this time. But yes, you must be wary of the frosty days and nights that January brings with it. Don’t forget to carry your warm layers so as to combat the chilly winds and enjoy every bit of your time here. In the quick succession of snow fall, the city remains immersed into heavy rainfall. The month of February gives the city humongous amount of rain. According to the stats, the city receives the highest amount of rain during the last week of February.

Overland Park Average Winter Temperatures

Overland Park average high winter temperatures remain in high-60s and average low winter temperatures remain in low-10s

Clothes to pack

Full-sleeve t-shirts, woolen tops
Jackets, hoods, overcoat, pullover, zipper, warmer
Mufflers, gloves, earmuffs, scarves
Leg warmers, boots, shoes, woolen socks
Umbrella, raincoat
Jeans, woolen pants, warm lowers, trousers
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